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if you'd like an e-mail whenever i update the site, so you know when to look at it, write "notification request" somewhere in the comment form below and make sure to enter your valid e-mail address for me to send it to!

check the updates!!!!!!

8/4/07 I'm so sorry, once again. My computer died... again... but I just got DSL, so hopefully I'll be able to keep the updates rolling. Still haven't gotten many requests over my *ahem* break, so keep sending them to or leave a comment! I'm also thinking of having a biweekly music video change. I will also be accepting requests for that if anyone has any. I'm starting out with "Zeit, dass sich was dreht" my favorite Herbert Grönemeyer song. Most of the songs will be Japanese, I'm sure so I don't know why I'm starting out with German, but... here you go!

Herbert Gronemeyer - Zeit, Dass Sich Was Dreht

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